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Filling in the blanks

10 marca 2020, godz. 16:00 - 19:00

❗ The presentation will concern the linguistic aspects of sexual consent, sexual refusal, the linguistic pragmatic construction of rape, as well as the linguistic side of sexual assault and aggression. The role of conversation analysis and pragmatic presupposition in the understanding of how the victim-blaming of rape victims has become a phenomenon largely normalized in Western society will also be discussed. The author’s research on sexual consent in the Polish context will also be presented.

❗ The question of sexual aggression and assault has gained increasing media attention, with the rise of #metoo and the proliferation of survivor stories. The problem of sexual assault has been investigated from various perspectives, however the linguistic aspect still remains to be generally included in discourse as playing a large role in the way that sexual assault is understood and wide-spread victim-blaming takes place. In order to do away with false notions that rape survivors and victims, as well as the victims of other types of sexual aggression, are somehow at fault for the crime committed against them, the knowledge of the linguistic aspects of sexual assault provides insight into how victim-blaming occurs and is maintained in everyday discourses on sexual assault.

❗ TD UJ joins hands with various local organisations to talk about consent during the Consent Week 2020 campaign. Co-organisers include Fundacja Autonomia as well as the Rectors’ Representatives for Equality at Pedagogical University and Jagiellonian University.

Place: Auditorium Maximum UJ, Sala Wystawowa A
Time: 10 March 2020, 4 pm
Olga O’Toole is a PhD candidate in linguistics at the Department of English Linguistics of the Institute of English Philology, UJ. Her research interests include the linguistic construction of rape victims and perpetrators in the media, understands of and attitudes towards consent, as well as the construction and construal of gender roles in both Polish and American contexts. She has also investigated the discursive construction of the body, and its implications on the receivers of gendered pressuring to adhere to certain norms.


10 marca 2020
16:00 - 19:00

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Auditorium Maximum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
Krupnicza 33
Kraków, 31-123 Polska
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